Dry mix mortar plants

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Dry Mix Mortar Plants

An Advance Technology Based Product!


Dry Mix Mortar is amongst the most versatile material used in modern construction industry. It serves to lay bricks & other masonry blocks, coat building as renders & skim coat & fix tiles. Now a days all Indian & Foreign construction Industries are demanding for new improved building material. The modern Dry Mix Mortar are produced in a special factory with dedicated facilities on batching & blending of all the necessary ingredients in highly-controlled process. In this way, different types of Dry Mix Mortar products with well-defined properties & performance to meet specific requirement and application can be produced. Today the Dry Mix Mortar is conquering the market by replacing the traditional job site mixing mortar because of its various advantages.

    Dry Mortar Products:

  • External plaster
  • Sand based internal plaster
  • Brick joining mortar
  • Tile adhesives
  • Repair mortar
  • Water proofing mortar
  • Grouts
  • Floor screeds
  • Bonding mortar
  • Wall putty
  • Gypsum based internal plaster

    Advantages of Dry Mix Mortar Plants:

  • Reduced shrinkage cracks through better cement hydration
  • No delaminating or pop-out on smooth or concrete surface due to very good bond strength
  • Good workability and sag resistance
  • Very good compressive flexural and tensile strength than ASTM standard values
  • Good water resistance property
  • Better flexibility
  • Consistent quality
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Better finish and surface appearance
  • Almost nil wastage of the material at site
  • Minimum space required for the storage
  • Inventory cost saving
  • No multiple raw material(sand, cement and additives)
  • Minimum supervision requires

    RMX Supports for Receipe Design Consultancy:

Dry Mix Mortar is produced in specially designed dry mix mortar plants in which binders and aggregate are mixed in the appropriate way and are transported to construction site into the bags or silos and need only be mixed with water prior to use. This factory based process also allows different additives and admixtures to be added to these mortars to improve significantly their technical performance. Based on this technology individual Dry Mix Mortar for specific application can be produced.

Admixtures are added into the Dry Mix Mortar to get maximum technical properties such as workability, consistency, water retention of mix and also hardened mortar property that is compressive strength and bond strength. Mainly used admixtures are methyl HydroxyEthyl cellulose(MHEC), methylhydroxypropyl cellulose (MHPC), methyl cellulose, re-dispersible polymer powder.

RMX gives consultancy services for Receipe design and economical formulation. Formulations developed and pretested in the laboratory.

Why RMx

  • RMX is a specialist in Bulk material handling. Our core competency covers dosing, Weighing, Mixing, Material handling and related services. We are one of the most leading suppliers in Dry Mortar processing plants in India.
  • RMX has developed plants for the industrial production of plasters, Mortars and other Dry Mix Products in semiautomatic and automatic type from 2 tons per hour to 50 tons per hour capacity.
  • The company supplies total plant projects and related services from engineering to commissioning.

Process and Equipment mainly used in dry mortar plant

    Raw Sand Receiving & Storage:

Wet sand is feeded through coal fired dryer to reduce the moisture content up to 0.5 o/0. Now this dry hot Sand is screened and lifted through bucket elevator to silo top to make the 3 sorts and then stored in the three sand silos.

    Cement, Fly ash and Additive receiving and storage:

Two silos are proposed for raw Material Cement & Fly Ash storage. Pneumatic feeding system suitable for bulker unloading is proposed in. System is designed to feed 18 to 20 tons per hour in case of bulk loose material feeding and bulker is connected to silo for direct unloading.

Additive – Additive storage hopper on structure platform with manual feeding arrangement.

 raw material storage

    All ingredient extraction, Weighing and discharge in mixer:

 Automatic control system with scada Sand: All three sand sorts are batched through screw conveyor in sand weigher as per given recipe quantity in automatic mode. Cement and Fly ash: Simultaneously all two powder material are batched through screw conveyor one by one in Powder weigher as per given recipe quantity in automatic mode.

Additive – Additive is fed through screw conveyor for moderate Qty or through micro dosing arrangement.

After batchinq of all ingredients within tolerance, control system operates the discharge valves to discharge all the material in Mixer for Mixing.


The mixer consists of a fabricated mixing vessel inside which a specially designed Shaft fitted with ploughs rotate to create a hurling and whirling three dimensional mixing effect. High speed choppers for breaking up and dispersing of lumps and agglomerates are fitted at the bottom of the mixers installed in steel housings. Each mixer is provided with a Feed port, Discharge valve, Inspection door, Vent opening, and one extra Additive port. All the material discharges into mixer. Average mixing time is about 3 minutes.  Dry mix mortar

    Mixer Discharge and packing :

 Bag Packing The mixed material from the mixer is automatically discharged into the collection hopper from the mixer at a predetermined time. The hopper is of 1 m3 capacity and provided with a discharge valve and is controlled by level indicator signal to discharge material into the hopper of the packing machine. Automatic Valve Type Packing Machine with 2 spout for weighing and filling of mortar in standard yalve type bags (25150 kg). Packed bags are conveyed through bag belt conveyor to stock yards.

Process Flow Diagram