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Fibrocrete block is “Cellular Light weight foam fibre Concrete block” or CLC + “Light weight concrete” across the world with its greater advantages from last 40 to 50 years. The basic Fibrocrete is made from mixing aqueous foam which is produced from foam generators into slurry of fly ash or sand with Cement and Fibre in a precise mixing in foam concrete mixer for accurate mixing without disturbing chemical and physical properties. The final mixture results in many tiny air voids uniformly distributed throughout the batch which creates cellular structural material densities ranging from 400 kg/m3 to 1800 kg/m3 with compressive strengths between 2 N/mm2 to 12 N/mm2. The Precise controls of the volume of air voids in foam concrete result in controlled densities and strengths of foam concrete. Production Setup capacities of 50 / 100 / 150 m3 per day are available in complete Automatic and Semi-automatic mode of operation.


  1.  After receiving the enquiry we conduct the general meeting with client to know the requirement in detail.
  2.  Submit the commercial and technical offer.
  3.  If the deal is through we accept the nominal advance (@ 10 %) of order value.
  4.  Customer should send their raw material samples i.e. fly ash and cement in sufficient qty. at our Demo plant for actual block casting to certify the raw material feasibility. Foam will be supplied by RMX
  5.  If the produced block quality satisfies customer, then we accept the further remaining advance payment to process the project further else the received advance payment will returned with nominal deduction of trial sample charges. This reduce the initial production setup time marginally as the recipe of mixing is ready from day one.
  6.  We support the client throughout execution of civil, rail, steam curing system and shed work with our expertise for smooth working.
  7.  We support the client for initial trial production up to 100 mould and training of staff and operator.
Parameter Fibroconcrete Benefit of Fibroconcrete
Raw Material Fly Ash + Cement + Foam + Fiber Souring of Good Quality of Quick Lime Continuously is Difficult & Expensive in Most of the Indian Region Except Rajasthan
Factory Area in Acre 1 – 2 Acres Small Factory Area Result in less Investment
Project Cost 2.5 to 3 Crore Low Investment Result in Less Burden of Interest on Selling Price
Autoclave Not Required No Autoclave,Less Investment
Boiler Low Temperature & Low Pressure No High Temperature & Pressure stream,Less Investment,Less  Running Cost,Less Maintenance Cost.
 Density Oven Dry, Kg/m³ 800  Good Strength of Block when reach site.
 Compressive Strength After Autoclaving / Steam Curing, N/mm²  2.5 – 3 for 800 Oven Dry Density
 Compressive Strength when the Blocks reach site, N/mm²  3 – 3.5 for 800 Oven Dry Density  Good Strength of Block when reach site.
 Compressive Strength achieved in 28 Days, N/mm²  3.5 – 4 for 800 Oven Dry Density
 Water Absortion %  Less Than 10%, Small Size Round / Closed Pore 0.3 to 1 mm result in Less Water absobtion, the bubbles produced by foam are completely separated from each other  Very Less Water Absorbtion
 Sound Insulation  45 dB for 200 mm Thick Block 45 dB for 200 mm Thick Block Good Sound Indulation
 Thermal Conductivity  Low (0.13 w/m.k)  Good Thermal Conductivity
 Dry Shrinkage  Very Low Shrinkage due to use of fiber & bonding with mortar due to cementitious product result in crack free walls  Low Dry Shrinkage
 Nailing  Holds Nails Properly / Effectively  Suitable for Indian Customer Requirement
 Aging  Gains strength with Aging like concrete as long as exposed to humidity, aging increase strength by as much as 50% between 28 and 90 days after pouring  Better Strength with Aging
 Fiber  Use of Fiber result in minor increase in compressive strength & enhance the Tensile and Flexural strength, shear behaviour of foam concrete  Good Mechanical Properties
 Site Plant  Possible for dedicated project with if site requirement is more than 30000 M3  Very Easy & Economical