Silo weigh

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Strain Gage type Silo Weigh Systems

Strain Gage Weight Systems attach or bolt on to the supporting structure of the Silo. They are cost effective systems for providing 1% to 3% of mass accuracy. They give years of maintenance-free service once they are installed an calibrated.

It provides an ideal solution for non-intrusive level measurements for materials that are subject to uneven buildup, bridging, or sidewall collection. Also, liquids or wetted materials that are not suited for direct contact level measurement are an ideal application for these weighing systems. The unique design makes it an excellent solution for retrofitting existing structures without compromise of the integrity of the vessel or structure.

Before Installation we study a complete description of the silo so that the method and location of sensor placement can be determined. Once this is done the system can be installed very easily with supplied installation kit. The real trick is in calibrating the System. We need to apply a precise load to the vessel (either via material or attached weights) to determine the relationship between weight and stress applied to the sensor. This is not always possible and the accuracy of the system will be a function of the accuracy of the calibration.

Strain Gage Weight Systems, because of their lower cost (compared to load cell systems), “real world” accuracy in mass measurement, and design advantages, do compete more with level systems over a wider range of applications.

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